GGG Keep on the Shadowfell

Back in Fallcrest

After the harrowing journey back to the city, the group is forced to stand in a long line before being admitted entry. The guards are looking for anyone with residium, and either taxing it at a 10% rate, buying it outright, or impounding it for collection upon exit from the city.

Light Touch is contacted by the Thieves Guild, who make no bones about Light Touch owing one more debt of service to the Guild. To wit, they ask Light Touch to investigate the Cartographer’s Guild upon suspicion of causing the city to preventing the entry of residium into the city. The guild master also asked Light Touch to make a map of the cartographer HQ. Light Touch feels compelled to accept the offer due to the fact that his family that still lives in Fallcrest.

The group visits some local merchants to dispose of the gems and treasures picked up during the recent adventures, and eventually splits up the gold seven ways, resulting in a tidy sum of 420GP each.

The following morning, the group goes to the Cartographer’s Guild to report back on the success of the mission to Winterhaven.

While waiting for Parle Cranewing, we saw the Lord Warden (local big official type) meeting with him. Apparently he had commissioned the Cartagropher’s guild to open the road to Winterhaven and was thanking him for that (ie, our) effort.. Parle eventually meets with us and seems very pleased with our efforts. Parle is alarmed to hear of the interdimensional portal, and promises to send a team to make sure the portal is non-operational. A long conversation ensued explaining the maps we had made and pointing out the dangers that may still remain.

Upon hearing that we had Alrin with us, Parle reveals that Alrin had been part of the original group who had headed that direction and which had gone missing more than a month ago. He offers to take care of Alrin as he is a member of the Guild. He later notes that Alrin was a VERY impressive wizard in his own right… (OOC: ie he was a very high level character)

During the conversation, Parle mentions that the Bloodreaver Hobogblin Clan has been terrorizing the local area north east by kidnapping people and selling them as slaves.

Parle offers the group another commission. The Lord Warden is interested in opening trade relations with a Mage Cabal to the east, in an underground city/area under Thunderspire mountain. It’s an old Minotaur city that has been a ruin for a long time—but within the last few decades a group of mages who have been using the area as their base of operations. Merchants also use this as a stopping point/trading area. There is also an underground entry to the Drow, and potentially one to a dwarven area.

In addition to the Lord Warden’s interest in trade relations, he wants to know if the city could be encouraged to be a way station for further activities in the area, and ultimately open a road to the dwarves in Hammerfast.

The Guild itself is also interested in Thunderspire, and wishes to have a map of this area. How does one enter this area? Are there any other exits? The initial commission is for the citadel itself. What is really there? What do the mages intend for the Seven Pillared Hall (a common area where the mages have their HQ and where others can come in and use the space)?

Ultimately, is there more to this area? Can you get anywhere else besides the Drow realm?

Parle closes by offering payment in the amount of 250GP as agreed by the original commission. OOC: Now each character has 485GP.

In the end, Enna feels that Parle is very greatful for our efforts and bears us no ill will—and although he believes our story, he probably will check up on our story.

Light Touch is unable to make much of a map of the HQ as they do not let us see more than a couple of the rooms of the two story building.

Drac decides to confront the Tower Warlock alone, where upon he finds a book with a magic quill. After a short conversation with the book where Drac chooses the Khirad star, the Tower Warlock asks why Drac is here (via the book). Drac explains about the mirror and inscribes the rune in the book, whereupon Tower Warlock explains that Drac has not learned much as a warlock if he does not recognize the symbol for the Eldar Gods! He also tells Drac “Next time you come back, Mud Warlock, bring a gift”, and when asked about avoiding the madness, the Tower Warlock responds “You must embrace the madness…it is our destiny!”

Drac counts himself lucky to have survived the encounter, and leaves to study the mirror once again.



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