GGG Keep on the Shadowfell

Balgron the Fat (and bloodied)

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After defeating Balgron the Fat and his useless helpers, Rho’Shel felt a sense of triumph and relief. He had begun to doubt his abilities in battlefield control, which was no way for a commander to feel. Rho’Shel tore down the curtains enclosing Balgron’s so-called private living space. “I wouldn’t want anyone sneaking in through that formerly secret door behind us. I’m not sure if we were lucky or good back there, but these gobbos aren’t all that tough. I’d suggest that we keep moving through this arm of the keep. We don’t want to leave too many areas unexplored behind us.”

He points to the west with his battleaxe. “If this area is vacant, I suggest that we also find out what may lurk behind those doors we left behind in the goblins’ watch room at the south. Heading further down should probably be our last option— we want to make sure that there aren’t any threats that could sneak up on us from behind.”



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