GGG Keep on the Shadowfell

Death From Above

The party took a collective deep breath of air as the life drained out of Sir Keenan and he returned to his deep slumber. Dayereth and Alrin started immediately preparing this seemingly isolated area for the party to rest and recover, as Enna agreed that they would not be desecrating the tomb by resting here for a time. Apart from some strange noises emanating from the area, the party rested well. (skill challenge passed)

Enna took this time to heal Drac from the potentially debilitating Filth Fever.

As the party resumed exploration, Rho’Shell decided to emulate a certain bold Wizard in the party and walked directly over an arcane rune inscribed in the passageway. As his foot touched down on the rune, he saw something “Dark and BIG” and ran gibbering back the way the party had come. While Rho’Shell was exercising, the rest of the party worked out a way to cross the rune safely. Drac asked Krag to go “rip down one of those doors”, intending to lay the door across the rune to see if this would allow them to cross. Two completely destroyed doors later, the party decided to have Krag “The Door Killer” instead retrieve one of the goblin beds for the same purpose.

Able to continue their search, the party found a secret door that led through a false wall to a room with zombies! The zombies proved little threat and the party was quickly able to hack them to pieces. (I don’t recall the exact question, but we answered a riddle to reveal the following) The Black Iron Scale Armor seemed to fit Rho’Shell nicely, so he handed Aecris over to Daeryth and donned the now shiny armor.

Nothing more seemed to be found on this level of the keep, so the party descended down a staircase. Even though the requisite challenge from the guards below was answered by Light Touch, the password failed to work and the battle was on. Almost a score of hobgoblins eventually streamed into the room, with several trying to open the cage in the far room which held a massive Death Jump Spider!

Alrin proved the hero on this day as he rushed forward and slew the first two goblins who attempted to open the cage. He was knocked prone (and almost into the 30’ pit in the center of the room!) and immediately surrounded, but the rest of the party quickly moved up to aid him. More goblins attempted to release the vile creature waiting to attack the party, but they were unable to survive to get past Alrin’s floating ball of fire. Finally, near the end of the battle, one did make it back and unlock the cage. In a blur of motion, the spider run from the cage and LEAPT 60 feet in the air, over the pit, and landed in the front of the battle! Immediately threatened were Enna and Dayereth. Dayereth calmly took one step backwards and let fly two arrows in quick succession, striking deep within the hairy monster’s maw. Drac had watched with astonishment at the creature’s quickness but quickly moved into position and called upon the dark star gods to unleash a hellish fury of eldritch energy into the side of the creature. The spider roared in pain and reared up on his hind legs, prepared to lunge forward and attack Enna, but Enna proved up to the task as she seized the opportunity to fell the creature with one swing of her mace!

The rest of the goblins quaked in their boots as they saw the mighty defender fall, and the party quickly mopped up the remaining gobbos.



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