GGG Keep on the Shadowfell

Exploring the Keep

Alrin has a little surprise

The intrepid adventurers headed back to town for a little R&R, and soon found out that Valthrun had convinced Lord Padraig of the seriousness of the threat to the town. Padraig offered the party 250 GP to do whatever they had to do to eliminate the threat that Kalarel presented to the town.

As the group returned to their usual rooms at the inn for some well deserved rest, Drac slipped away from the party and was seen leaving the gates of the town around sundown. He returned a few hours later, seemingly worse for wear and stumbled back to the tavern where he collapsed into bed.

The entire party seemed refreshed and had an extra spring in their step the next morning. Dayereth appeared to have grown another inch or two, Rho’Shel looked more leader-ish, Enna prayed extra hard when breaking her morning fast, Alrin had fun making lights appear in the oddest places, Light Touch practiced his exceptional thievery on unsuspecting villagers by moving their coin purses from one pocket to the other, Drac muttered to himself just a touch more often, and Krag looked more buff than usual (if that was even possible).

The group headed out to the keep and began exploring anew, being wary of ambush now that Kalarel knew of their presence.

As they descended the stairwell they had found previously, the entered a large underground cavern filled with stalagmites and stalactites. There was a colony of Giant Rats that did not appreciate being surprised, but the the party swiftly dealt with the vermin. The group continued to explore the cavern, and much to the chagrin of Alrin (who couldn’t quite resist the temptation to “just look” into the next room") surprised an Ochre Jelly! Unfortunately Gul Drac Erdan, Rho’Shel, and Krag were all busy finishing off the last of the Giant Rats and a Dire Rat, so were unable to come to the aid of the rest of the party.

Things turned out ok, even after the Ochre Jelly split into two just slightly smaller Ochre Jellies. Light Touch was there to provide critical damage support, Enna was able to provide some much needed healing, and Dayereth managed to pump the acid flinging creatures with several rounds of deadly arrows.

Gul Drac Erdan came down with a nasty case of Filth Fever as a result of his battle with the Dire Rat. No money or equipment was found among the rats and ochres, so the party pressed on down a hallway.

Enna smartly noticed a series of traps in the next room which the party mostly avoided (exception: Light Touch who had an extremely difficult time extricating himself from a simple ten foot pit). This area was the home to a family of ten Kruthiks who started attacking as soon as Rho’Shel found their lair. The combat area seemed well suited to the party with Rho’Shel and Krag near the front to absorb much of the damage, but the nimbleness of the hatchling kruthiks and the fierce ranged poison attacks from the adult caused the party to be 50% poisoned at one point in the battle.

Alrin showed his true worth on this day, as he called forth a ball of fire that was instrumental in damaging round after round to the closely packed creatures who were bunched up in a corner of the room.

Eventually the party eliminated all of the kruthiks, before finding some gold and 5 expensive looking gems.



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