GGG Keep on the Shadowfell

Finding Winterhaven

Whereupon a wench, a scholar, and a lord are met.

After dispatching the kobolds with ease, the party entered Winterhaven and immediately found some relief in the local tavern. They met Salvana Wrafton who was tending bar. The party told her about the ambush they suffered outside of town, and asked if anyone local knew about the Keep.

Salvana mentioned that the mayor (?) of the town, Lord Padraig would very much like to hear about their troubles. She also introduced them to Valthrun, a local scholar who offered to do some research about the keep, but that it would take a day or two to search through his records.

Several members of the party went off to meet Lord Padraig (while the rest stayed to enjoy the local spirits). Padraig was very interested to hear about the kobolds and expressed regret that the local trade routes were suffering because of the recent kobold activity in the area. He offered to pay the party 100GP if they would clear out the area where the kobolds had established a base of operations, along with any loot they found (although that would undoubtedly belong to the traders and local townsfolk who had been attacked by the kobolds). The party gladly accepted this opportunity.

The group reunited at the tavern, where they decided to spend a restful evening before getting up early the next day to attempt to wipe out the kobold menace.



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