a band of kobolds got the drop

As told by Drac:

We got started bright and early today. We headed south as Lord Padraig had indicated the kobold lair was in that direction. It wasn’t long before ran into some trouble…it’s hard to admit, but yesterday we smoked some kobolds and today we just about got smoked ourselves.

We were marching along as usual, trying to keep an eye out for anything suspicious when we came up on a small ruined building. From behind the building stepped out some sort of magic wielding kobold who threw a ball of acid right in Rho’Shel’s face! Most of us were so surprised by the suddenness of the attack that we barely had time to draw our weapons before 3dragonshield kobold’s were upon us from the right. Poor Enna took the worst of it, getting almost immediately surrounded. I took my first damage when I was attacked from the left by anotherdragonshield and a kobold skirmisher—the skirmisher managed to get a spear tip past my quarterstaff and sliced me up pretty good.

With the magic user still slinging acid balls like they were going out of style, Rho’Shel charged him to cut off that nonsense. That dragonborn definitely has a poor sense of self-preservation, that’s for sure. Unfortunately the rest of us were tied up with the rest of the attackers and couldn’t move up in support. In fact, we were so tightly packed in that I could barely even back up to get a good ranged blast in. I tried to keep my two attackers tied up to give Enna a chance to heal herself, but I eventually had to bug out—I was getting whacked around like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. I got chewed up even more as I headed for the hills, by this time I was officially worried we weren’t getting out of this one alive.

But to even things out Light Touch was doing some nice damage with his quick strikes, and Krag’s was having way too much fun cleaving kobolds left and right—they were definitely putting the hurt on thedragonshields . Unfortunately it was too little too late for Enna, who went down like a sack of potatoes under the combined attacks from 2 or 3 of the dragonshields. At this point, I decided I’d had enough and called on the power of Agathys. Feeling MUCH better, I waded back into the battle and started freezing some kobold butt!

It was hard to keep track, but I think around this point Rho’Shel stopped playing patty cake with the magic-using kobold and finally put some hurt on the guy and re-joined the rest of the party. Light Touch and Krag managed to bring down a dragonshield or two, but Enna was still taking a dirt nap and bleeding a lot. Pretty soon I had the remaining kobold’s attention and starting taking more damage. By the end of the battle I was barely standing.

In the end we managed to take out the last of ‘em and give Enna some first aid (hah-healing a cleric, that’s classic!). We found xxx SP and Light Touch managed to recover an obsidian necklace. I took a look at it—it looks cool but I didn’t feel anything when I picked it up. Maybe someone else can figure out if it has any magical properties. If not, we might be able to pawn it for some coin back in town.

[Battle notes:

Drac: 1 x kobold dragonshield, 1 x kobold skirmisher

Rosh’ell: 1 x kobold wyrm priest

Enna: 0, ended battle unconscious

Light Touch: 1 x kobold dragonshield

Krag: 1 x kobold dragonshield

Found: 5 GP, 23 SP, Obsidian Necklace

Gained 125 xp per person]

a band of kobolds got the drop

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